Thursday, March 20, 2008

And the Winners Are . . .

First, let me commend everyone on some really great stories. I think that we have stumbled (no pun intended) on a fun diversion. With the first round in the books, here are the winners.

In first place, with thirty-seven votes, is Lana who recounted her first and last encounter with Scotch. Second place went to Amy in Ohio and her twenty-one votes, sitting up front on the express train to hell after lying to God and everyone on Easter Sunday no less. With seventeen votes, third place went to Southern Gentleman and his story of St. Patrick's Day debauchery. The final spot goes to yours truly, Brave Astronaut, with twelve votes.

For the second round, it had been originally proposed that stories be posted by tomorrow. Unfortunately, life has interfered. I have heard from one of the winners that they would like to go forward with their winning story. If the other winners are content with their stories you may repost them. If you would like to substitute a new story, please post it here by Sunday evening. The poll will open on Monday morning and run through the week, closing Friday March 28 at Midnight EDT. At the conclusion of the second round of voting the top two vote getters will go head to head for the championship, again with the option of keeping the same story or posting a new one.

There has been some discussion about prizes. In jest, I suggested that the winner should be given a bottle of alcohol, but that might be a suitable gift. Suggestions will be welcomed by the committee (Amy and Brave Astronaut).

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