Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Toast to Selection Sunday

Cross posted from Order from Chaos.

Selection Sunday will take place on Sunday March 9. But we need a little more time to iron out the rules for our version of March Madness - March Drunken Madness. In this post, I referred to two drunk stories from yours truly and a blogging friend, Amy in Ohio. I challenged my readers to contribute their best drinking stories and we would have our own little bracket challenge to see who has the best story.

Comments trickled in and it would seem that we have the following competitors:

  • the aforementioned Amy in Ohio
  • Brave Astronaut (that's me)
  • despite her note that "how drunk could you be if you remember the story," I'm pulling Stitch Bitch in.
  • C in DC offers boring stories, but there has to be a Cinderella story in every tournament.
  • The 6th Floor Blog will play the part of the Big East in the tournament, as we will give them the option of sending six stories for consideration.
  • NJM is trolling through her drunken depths to find a winner. She will guest blog through this portal.
  • I recently heard a good story from OSG, so I'm snagging him for an entry.
  • C in DC, NJM, and I have all decided that the bearded one, Kim, must have several good stories, so we hope he will play along.
  • If he can stop fighting with anonymous commentators, will ADR offer a story?
  • If he can stop shoveling snow for a moment, will Archivalist offer up an anecdote?
  • Certainly Special K and HAH must have a memory they are trying to keep quiet, but would love to share with all of us? They can even have two entries.
  • Hey, the name of her blog is "Stories to Tell." Surely one of them must involve alcohol.
If we get all of the above to play, that's eighteen of us. Am I missing anyone? If you would like to get in on the fun, let me know. If I have drafted you for this and you want out, please let me know that as well.

We could use Order from Chaos as the central location for the stories. I think I could manage to get a poll feature that would allow people to vote for the stories. I propose the first round of stories be posted on Sunday March 9, with voting to take place through Friday March 14. Second round stories would go up on Sunday March 16 and voting through Friday March 21. If we get our numbers right, final four stories would be posted on Sunday March 23 and voting for those stories to go through Wednesday March 26. The Championship round would post on Friday March 28 and voting would cease on on Monday March 31 (I'll even suspend Recipe Monday for it!)

I will come up with a good prize for the winner and a plan on getting it to the "Lord (or Lady) of the Drunks." Questions? Comments? Moans of Despair? Cries of Anguish? Let me know in the comments.

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