Friday, March 14, 2008

The time to post stories has closed

The time to post stories for the first round has passed. There are eight stories in the running. As previously announced the top four vote getters will go on to the second round. The poll that appears on the left will allow voting until Tuesday March 18 at 11:59pm. Please note that this poll is the latest iteration and previous polls have been deleted. Where a story had already received votes, those numbers are noted in parentheses after the contributor.

Here are the stories that are posted here (with links to each story, so one does not have to scroll down the entire page - each link should open in its own window). Analysis is provided by the Brave Astronaut and is not meant as an endorsement or repudiation of anyone's story. That being said, mine is pretty good, isn't it?
  • From Stinkypaw, a story of running amok in Japan and how she's really a cheap date but be warned she will fall asleep in that beer.
  • From Amy, a story of running afoul of the Lord and nuns, on Easter Sunday no less, leading her to believe she is on the express train to hell.
  • Lana offers her first and last encounter with the sweet brown liquor (Scotch).
  • The Sleepy One deprives a boy of some drunken love.
  • Brave Astronaut recounts the ill-fated journey of his high school ring, and lying to his mother, who could have made him pay, but didn't.
  • Southern Gentleman tells the story of traditional debauchery on St. Patrick's Day in our nation's capital.
  • J in PA blacks out on his way home one evening and then nearly checks out the next morning over some overcooked eggs.
  • Ann of the 6th Floor Blog offers up a drinking story from the past involving, tequila, coffee, and falafel, among other culinary delights.
  • NJM offers a story of a wedding reception with an open bar, more drinking at home, long distance drunk dialing and surviving a hangover.
Get out to your supporters and get them to come vote for your story!

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