Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is it me, or the room is moving?

I’ve been searching and trying to remember a good drinking story that I could write about. I guess I’m boring, because I don’t really drink. Really. Never really did either. A friend once told me that I was boring because I always remembered what happened the morning after… Go figure.

I never got drunk. I never tried to get drunk either. I don’t really understand why someone would actually try to get drunk. If it happens because you’re having a good time, enjoying yourself and drinking, it’s one thing, but to go out with the intent of getting hammered, I just don’t get that. Over the years a few people did try to get me drunk, but it didn’t happen. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t completely let go, or because I’m afraid to act stupid or if my “reasonable self” always stopped me before getting there. I’ve been “happy” once or twice. ‘Told you I was boring!

When I turned eighteen (our legal drinking age in Québec) I went out with friends to mark the occasion. That evening I drank eighteen B-52s. A friend had pre-ordered them and had them lined up on the bar by the dance floor. He knew I just love sweet shooters, and was hoping to get me hammered. I danced all night and drank all shooters. Once I sat down, the room started spinning. To "help" me, he ordered a cognac. I took one sip and decided to go back on the dance floor. Not long after I called a cab home. I remember the look on my mother’s face when she opened the door and I came in with my snifter of cognac (which I still have by the way!). I got undressed and went to bed. I would lie if I would say that it was a pleasant night, because it wasn’t, but I didn’t get sick!

Because I very rarely drink, it doesn’t take me much to feel the effect of alcohol. I can’t even finish a Corona without falling asleep. The Coronita is much better sized for me. I do like beer a bit but much prefer mixed drinks. In 1999 I went to Japan. It was for the 7th World Karate Tournament. While in Tokyo, I met people from all over the world and one night we ended up in a basement of a restaurant having a great meal and where sake was flowing freely. I discovered that I liked sake. As the meal progressed the sake consumption did as well. At one point I was feeling no pain. So much so that I got up and sang! I did karaoke in Japan… We had a blast. This was also the evening that I realised that “Manhattan Ice Tea” wasn’t just a type of ice tea, but that there was some booze in that drink. That time though, I went to bed happy, didn’t get sick and only felt a bit slow the next morning.

Oh, I could tell you that I woke up one morning with an ex-boyfriend lying next to me in my bed who had the face of a clown on his belly, which was actually from my make-up from the Halloween’s party the night before at my place...

I could tell you how freaked out he was and how he wanted to take a shower before going home to his girlfriend who would assuredly kill him if she ever saw his orange belly AND knew where he had spent the night...

But, you see, that time I wasn’t drunk. He was! ...and I don't tell other people's story. Hee.


Lana Gramlich said...

I've never heard of a Manhattan Ice Tea--do you mean Long Island Iced Tea? My mom loved those after moving back to Ontario. It was a strange way of her to retain some kind of tie to Long Island (where she was miserable for too many years, but mom never made much sense...)

Stinkypaw said...

See how little I drink, I can't even get the name right! ;-)