Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Championship Round!

We have arrived at our final two contestants for "March Drunken Madness!" Our top seed, the top vote getter in the previous two rounds is Lana, whose story of her misadventures with Scotch carried her here to the final round. Her opponent is Amy, who lied to God and everyone on Easter Sunday after a Holy Saturday night of debauchery.

Stories for the final round should be posted here by no later than Tuesday evening April 1. It is appropriate that the final round should commence on April Fools Day. When both stories are posted the poll will be posted on the left. Voting will continue through Sunday April 6. (The Brave Astronaut has a busy weekend next weekend - so the winners may not be celebrated until Monday or Tuesday.

The two competitors have the option of substituting a new story for the final round or going with the one that got them here. The same rules apply - it must be a story you were directly involved in - either it happened to you or you were a witness to the events.

The winner will receive a prize selected by the committee (Brave Astronaut and Amy). If Amy is the winner of the contest, Brave Astronaut already knows what she will win - registration to the upcoming Spring 2008 MARAC meeting to be held in Chautauqua, New York the first weekend in May. I have a few ideas for Lana as well if she is the winner. I went to high school with her and have known her a long time. I do know however that she will not be receiving a bottle of scotch if she wins.

Congratulations to you both and lets see those stories!


Lana Gramlich said...

BA; You have no idea how relieved I am to know that should I win, it WON'T be a bottle of scotch! *LOL* Some people have a warped sense of humor that way...

Amy said...

Seriously? Conference registration? Wow.